Monday, April 16, 2018

Fate/Apocrypha thoughts

 Tried to watch this one out of curiosity with the Apocrypha Servant appearance in FGO and to be honest this is easily the worst Fate anime adaptation so far. The Premise of 2 different team of 7 Servants class duking at each other for Holy Grail looks promising but failed in execution. I think Apocrypha is trying to showcase how a Holy Grail War could greatly derailed due to Magus that tried to play foul but simply failed. While the Servant casts are quite decent, it can't be said with the masters which are mostly boring and unlikable with only Mordred's master being the only exception. However the biggest offender for me is the main character which is one the worst Mary Sue i have seen so far being coveted by several servants for no good reason. At any case My favorite Servants would be Apocrypha are Chiron, Achilles and Karna which i hope the first two will make its appearance in FGO soon. Siegfried surprisingly is quite good in the series despite its lackluster performance in the game. As one of the Fate Anime, i don't think you will lose much from skipping Apocrypha.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

MG SEED Buildoff!

 It is another of those time where i got assignment to assemble some kits and this time it is for my Company's new store Display. My company recently opened branch is a more gundam oriented toy store and thus it needs Some display for Gundam kits. There are couple of displays to be made which i happen to help them draft and i got assigned to build the MG which are the original ZAFT Trio Gundam: Providence, Justice and Freedom Gundam. I feel the SEED version had better charm compared to the SEED Destiny counterpart since it is not ridiculously overpowered thus maintain its semblance of Real Robot. I think this will be a good practice for me when i get these gundam for my personal collection and certainly i look forward the new engineering that Bandai bring upon this Gunplas.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

1/7 Jeanne Alter Dress

 Jeanne Alter is one of the most popular FGO Servant out there so she definitely gets a lot of merchandise! In Shinjuku Arc, for once Jalter cast off her cold demeanor and puts her feminine charm into play, wearing gorgeous dress for a dance in the final parts of the story. Her dance scene no doubt this captures a lot of FGO players affections toward Her. In no time Max Factory took the opportunity to capitalize Jalter since last year and they finally announced the release for her Dress version PVC Figure. Released on March next year with the price tag of 16500 Yen. For that kind of price you could get an Alter Quality figure already and i doubt Max Factory's Sculpt would be as good. For 16500 Yen price tag of this figure i think you are mostly paying for the premium of having one of the most popular character in the series in her most gorgeous form. Despite being pricey as usual i will get this particular Jalter Dress figurine for a reason. I made a bet with myself that i will be getting this figurine if i managed to pull her in the recent Da Vinci which i did at the cost of 90% of my SQ reserve. I think my FGO SSR Roster is halfway done by now with the addition of Jeanne Alter and my priority for next SSR would be Archer or Caster class.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Legend of Galactic Heroes Novel

 Finally managed to get the LOGH novel into my collection which i had already planned even since a western publisher picked the series up. Legend of Galactic Heroes still remain the best anime i have ever watched and i am doing what i can to support this Masterpiece. I recall the Novel had around 10 Volumes and so my collection is still halfway to go, the publisher is working up to 8th Volume now and i hope they will commit till the end. I think each volume of the Novel worth about 10-15 episodes of the original OVA. For now i have just finished the first volume which roughly cover until the conclusion of Amlitzer/Amritsar battle. Compared to the Novel, i think the OVA fleshes out more at some aspects for instance the OVA expands on the Schenkopp Recruitment and the Iserlohn Capture part. Reading the novel makes me appreciate the OVA even better since they perfected the novel which has been really good already. Anyway i think i will enjoy my experience reading through the novel.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Plastic Memories

 Got interested with this anime since Sora Amamiya starred on this one before her role as Aqua in Konosuba. Turns out Plastic Memory is not so bad but still an unfinished product since it abandons its world building halfway. As a teenage romance, the series did a great job but due to the lack of world building, the tragedy parts doesn't really hit the mark. The essence of the Plastic Memories is about making the most out of the available opportunity even if it is a short one. If i would make the comparison, Plastic Memories is somewhere in between Chobits and Noboru Sora. I think there are plenty of things that the animating studio wanted to explore with this series but i think i this is one of those anime that got budget constraints thus limited option. I think i will give the PSVita game an opportunity considering i do like Sora Amamiya's role as Isla in this series.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Metamorforce Black Sarena

 After more than a year from the announce release we are getting the announce release for Black Sarena which ends up in Metamorforce lineup. The toy will be released around mid year which is about the same time like Baikanfu Last year costing 37000 Yen which is very pricey. Since i had Kotobukiya kit alrd i wont be getting this one but even if i don't have the former i won't be getting Metamorforce because Sentinel's price is too high. Out of all Black Sarena Toy no doubt Sentinel's would be the best in terms of sculpt but it doesn't Justify  the price is almost triple the amount of a Gokin toy released years ago which have the armor purge gimmick and i doubt articulation would be stellar either. I am rather curious what makes Sentinel set their price this high since Bandai could make one for half of the price if they really want it. Black Sarena holds quite a special place since i played ACE 3 and its Armor Purge gimmick is a huge plus too. So it really pains me that these kind of mecha find difficulty to get their toys released and would be pricey if they had one due to the market model. In any case i think Gravion would cost about the same as well and i wonder what Sentinel had in store after Gravion.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Pacific Rim: Uprising Thoughts

 Got a ticket for the Premiere yesterday since my company helped to set up the Toy display booth at one of the Cinema in Jakarta. I was quite hyped with the second Pacific Rim since i liked the first movie but i kinda overhyped on this one. Overall the formula of the Pacific Rim Rising stays the same with the original with minor tweak here and there. however in the end it falls behind the First Movie. The main problem of the second movie falls on the supporting characters, Jaeger Design and battle scenes. While the Main Character is fine, using Teenager as Jaeger Pilots kinda tones down the seriousness of the series. The first movie had better Jaeger Design Overall and as usual in the second movie, Gipsy Family always got the main attention. My favorite Jaeger in Uprising would be Ajax November but unfortunately that one doesn't have much screen time. But what Pacific Rim Uprising did better than The first Movie is setting up the possibility for a Sequel though by this time i look forward more to an Animated series than a Movie since Movie format had too much restriction. So in the end Pacific Rim Uprising falls on mediocre side as it kinda waste much of its opportunities.

Said Pacific Rim Toy Booth

Monday, March 19, 2018

Starting Konosuba PS Vita VN

 Well Japanese PSN Got some sale on 5Pb titles and i used this opportunity to buy Konosuba Visual Novel which is like 50% off. With 3rd season of the series having a long way to go, the game provides some decent temporary relief. Since i had played couple of VNs in Japanese before, it is not that hard for me to read Konosuba since it falls on easier side for a Japanese VN though the readability is still around 60-70%. The premise of Konosuba VN is about Kazuma finding a cursed ring that makes him unconsciously steal girl's underwear and the shenanigans he do to gather enough money to undo the curse before the Heroines kill him. The story won't be anything special but the game is very good at fanservice as expected. Since i am a fan of Aqua, i will be aiming for her route on my first playthrough, hoping her ending would be worthwhile.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Small World Storage Solution

 Small World is one of the more colorful Boardgame out there as it is a territorial control game jam packed with assortments of Races competing to be the dominant ones. With its popularity, Small World got plenty of Expansions and thus the original box will not able to contain all of the components once you starting to collect expansions.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Figma 390 Jeanne Alter

 Well that was quite fast after Wonderfest, being one of the most popular servant in FGO does help after all! Jeanne Alter Figma will be released on September this year with a whopping price tag of 8000 yen. Jalter is the Avenger Class servant in the FGO which has been around for 2 years alrd on JP server and apparently she is the top waifu material with her tsundere personality. Jalter is going to appear soon on FGO NA server which made the release timing of her Figma aligned better somewhat with FGO NA server. Apparently the Shinjuku event is one of Jalter's brightest moment that boost her popularity rather significant which will be in a year available on NA Server. Despite her pricey price-tag, it is likely that i will get her for the sake of completion of my FGO set in Figma Lineup.